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Title    / Comparative Study of Architectural Conceptions Between the East and the West
Authors   (Jaehoon Lee)
Source   ARCHITECTURAL RESEARCH(대한건축학회 논문집), Vol.23 No.3(2021-09)
Page   Start Page(29) Total Page(9)
ISSN   12296163
Classification   계획 및 설계 
Keywords   // Architecture; Architectural conception; Comparative study; East and West
Abstract2   In contemporary modern architecture, it can be said that Western modern architecture, which has advanced in technology and ideology, is leading the world architecture today. However, because it is pointed out that modern architecture, mainly represented by Western architecture nowadays, is based on the crystal of Western civilization's consumption and capitalist culture, and be-cause it seems not absolute for the eternal sustainable development of the Earth and happiness of Humankind, it is assumed that the new conceptions of Architecture should include the cultural, ecological and environmental characteristics of the region. So because it is thought that the latent characteristics of East Asian architecture including China, Japan and Korea has the advantage of reducing the deficiency of Western modern architecture and contributing to human civilization, this study was written to find a new direction of architecture by finding the differences of architectural characteristics(intrinsic and extrinsic) in the interior of the architectural result through comparison between the Eastern and Western architecture.
Location   대한건축학회