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Title   전열교환 환기시스템의 설계 지원을 위한 확률적 다기준 의사 결정 접근의 적용 / Application of Stochastic Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach for Design Support of Energy Recovery Ventilator
Authors   김영진(Kim, Young-Jin)
Organization   대한건축학회
Source   대한건축학회논문집 구조계, Vol.33 No.04(2017-04)
Page   Start Page(79) Total Page(9)
ISSN   1226-9107
Classification   환경 및 설비 
Keywords   확률적 다기준 의사결정 ; 불확실성 ; 몬테카를로 ; 누적전망이론 ; 환기//Stochastic Multi-Criteria Decision Making ; Uncertainty ; Monte Carlo ; Cumulative Prospect Theory ; Ventilation
Abstract2   Recently, a Energy Recovery Ventilator(ERV) in a residential building has been highlighted as an attractive ventilation option in terms of energy saving and Indoor Air Quality(IAQ). For identifying a feasible set among many ventilation strategies in this situation, various decision making approaches(deterministic or stochastic) using building simulation tools have been suggested. In the simulation based decision making approaches, this paper addresses a Stochastic Multi-Criteria Decision Making(SMCDM) method based on Cumulative Prospect Theory(CPT) for finding a preferred ventilation strategy under model uncertainties. For this study, two ventilation strategies considering air inlet positions and CO2 sensor positions were chosen and modelled using two simulation tools(CONTAMW 3.1 for an air-flow model and EnergyPlus for a thermal model). And Latin Hypercube Sampling(LHS) was used to reflect model uncertainties. In this study, it is shown that CPT can lead to better a realistic and trustworthy framework, rather than Bayesian decision theory mentioned in a building simulation domain.
Location   대한건축학회