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Title   강섬유 보강 콘크리트로 충전된 거푸집형 블록벽의 프리즘 강도 / Prism Strength of From-Block Wall Filled with Grout Concrete Containing Steel Fiber
Authors   한명현(Han, Myung-Hyun) ; 서수연(Seo, Soo-Yeon)
Organization   대한건축학회
Source   대한건축학회논문집 구조계, Vol.33 No.09(2017-09)
Page   Start Page(19) Total Page(8)
ISSN   1226-9107
Classification   구조  
Keywords   거푸집형 블록 ; 충전콘크리트 ; 강섬유 혼입률 ; 프리즘 시험 ; 몰탈계수//Form-block ; Grout concrete ; Mix ratio of steel fiber ; Prism test ; Mortar coefficient
Abstract2   Since the void ratio of the form-block is relatively high, when the wall is constructed by using it, a lot of stress is transmitted through the filled concrete. Therefore, in this paper, in order to improve the performance of the grout concrete, the prism test of the form-block was carried out by using the steel fiber mixing ratio of the filled concrete as experimental variables. In addition, for the compressive strength of the form-block, prism strength from the experimental result was compared with the current design formula. Experimental results show that as the steel fiber content of the filled concrete increases, the phenomenon of abrupt drop of the flange after the maximum yield strength is delayed. The prism strength of the form-block can be predicted adequately by using the equation of Japanese standard as in the previous study. However, as the upper limit value of the mortar coefficient, it is appropriate to use 0.55 in consideration of safety in terms of design.
Location   대한건축학회