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Title   전통목구조해석의 문제점 분석과 개선방안 / An Investigation on the Problems in Traditional Wood Structural Analysis and Improvement Plan
Authors   정성진(Jung, Sung-Jin)
Organization   대한건축학회
Source   대한건축학회논문집 구조계, Vol.33 No.10(2017-10)
Page   Start Page(21) Total Page(8)
ISSN   1226-9107
Classification   구조  
Keywords   전통목구조 ; 컴퓨터프로그램 ; 모형화 ; 접합부 ; 기하비선형해석 ; P-δ 효과 ; 구조설계 실무현장//Korean Traditional Wood Structure ; Computer Program ; Modelling ; Connection ; Geometric Nonlinear Analysis ; P-δ effect ; Structure Design Practical Field
Abstract2   In structure design practical fields, computer programs like MIDAS and SAP2000 etc. are widely used for the evaluation of the structural performance of the Korean traditional wood structures. It is necessary to use a reasonable analysis model and method for the evaluation of the structural performance. Considering the structural characteristics of the Korean traditional wood structures, it is appropriate to analyze lower frame composed of beam-columns and upper frame which is a roof structure separately. Especially, in the analysis including lateral loads like seismic or wind load etc., it seems to be reasonable to analyze lower frame with an assumption of roof frame as a rigid diaphragm. Because connections between columns and beams have very small rotational stiffness, lower frame may be unstable. So, in the structure design practical fields, connections are modelled by using various assumptions and linear analysis is performed mainly. However, irrationality may be included in these assumptions and analysis method unfortunately. Therefore, in this study, problems in the analysis models and methods for the Korean traditional wood structures, used in structure design practical fields, are investigated first, then some improvement plans are proposed on the basis of investigation results. Because the Korean traditional wood structures may have no high lever stabilities, it is necessary to perform geometric nonlinear analysis. So, geometric nonlinear analysis method including P-δ effect is studied.
Location   대한건축학회