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Title   깊이 1200mm급 변단면보의 중간모멘트골조용 내진접합부 개발 / Beam-Column Connection with 1200mm Deep Multi-Reduced Taper Beam for Intermediate Moment Frame
Authors   정시화(Jung, Si-Hwa) ; 알미아이유 로벨 원디므(Alemayehe, Robel Wondimu) ; 박만우(Park, Man-Woo) ; 주영규(Ju, Young-Kyu)
Organization   대한건축학회
Source   대한건축학회논문집 구조계, Vol.35 No.04(2019-04)
Page   Start Page(135) Total Page(12)
ISSN   1226-9107
Classification   구조  
Keywords   변단면보 ; 깊은 보 ; 보-기둥 접합부 ; 중간모멘트골조 ; 반복가력실험//Multi-Reduced Taper Beam ; Deep Beam ; Beam-Column Connection ; Intermediate Moment Frame ; Cyclic Load Test
Abstract1   본 연구에서는 보 깊이 1200mm의 중간모멘트골조 접합부를 개발하여 기존 철골 중간모멘트골조의 회전 성능을 향상시키고자 하였다. 깊은 보가 가지는 취약한 소성변형능력을 향상시키고자 보의 휨거동에 기반한 MRTB 접합부를 제안하였고, 제안된 접합부들의 내진 성능은 기존 접합부들과 함께 반복가력실험을 수행하여 평가하였다. MRTB 접합부는 중간모멘트골조 요구 성능을 만족하며 기존 접합부들 보다 향상된 회전 성능을 나타내었고, MRTB 형상별 거동 특성 차이를 나타내었다.
Abstract2   Deep beam has high section modules compared with shallow beam of the same weight. However, deep beam has low rotational capacity and high possibility of brittle failure so it is not possible to apply deep beams with a long span to intermediate moment frames, which should exhibit a ductility of 0.02rad of a story drift angle of steel moment frames. Accordingly, KBC and AISC limit the beam depth for intermediate and special moment frame to 750mm and 920mm respectively. The purpose of this paper is to improve the seismic performance of intermediate moment frame with 1200mm depth beam. In order to enhance vulnerability of plastic deformation capacity of deeper beam, Multi-Reduced Taper Beam(MRTB) shape that thickness of beam flange is reinforced and at the same time some part of the beam flange width is weakened are proposed. Based on concept of multiple plastic hinge, MRTB is intended to satisfy the rotation requirement for intermediate moment frame by dividing total story drift into each hinge and to prevent the collapse of the main members by inducing local buckling and fracture at the plastic hinge location far away from connection. The seismic performance of MRTB is evaluated by cyclic load test with conventional connections type WUF-W, RBS and Haunch. Some of the proposed MRTB connection satisfies connection requirements for intermediate moment frame and shows improved the seismic performance compared to conventional connections.
Location   대한건축학회