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Title   측정지표에 따른 건설생산성 비교 / A Comparative Study on Construction Productivity Trends as Analyzed by Various Measures
Authors   이치주(Lee, Chijoo) ; 이강(Lee, Ghang) ; 원종성(Won, Jongsung)
Organization   대한건축학회
Source   대한건축학회논문집 구조계, Vol.35 No.04(2019-04)
Page   Start Page(175) Total Page(10)
ISSN   1226-9107
Classification   구조  
Keywords   건설노동생산성 ; 층당 소요공사일수 ; 연면적 1 ; 000m2당 소요공사일수//construction labor productivity ; construction duration per floor ; construction duration per 1 ; 000m2 gross floor area
Abstract1   건설생산성 향상을 위해서는 건설생산성의 과거와 현재 추세를 이해해야 한다.??따라서 본 연구에서는 1995년부터 2015년까지 한국, 미국, 영국, 일본의 건설생산성 변화 추이를 세 가지 측정 방법을 활용하여 분석, 비교하고자 한다. 세가지 측정 방법은 건설노동생산성, 층당공사일수, 연면적 1,000m2당 공사일수이다. 분석 결과, 4개국의 국제 건설 경쟁력은 측정지표에 따라 차이가 있었다. 미국의 노동생산성이 가장 높았고, 한국이 뒤를 이었다. 한국은 생산성 증가율이 일본에 이어 두번째로 높았다. 반면, 공사기간 측면에서는 다른 국가들에 비하여 건설생산성이 상대적으로 낮은 것으로 분석되었다.
Abstract2   To improve productivity in the architecture, construction and engineering industry, it is critical to understand both current and historic trends in construction productivity. This study analyzes and compares construction productivity trends of South Korea, the U.S., the U.K., and Japan 1995 to 2015 using the following three measures: construction labor productivity, construction duration per floor, and construction duration per 1,000 m2 floor area. As the results, the international competitiveness of each country varied according to which measures were used to analyze them. Among the four countries, the construction labor productivity of the U.S. was the highest, followed by that of South Korea. South Korea also had the second highest productivity growth rate, following that of Japan. On the other hand, when analyzed from the perspective of construction duration, the construction productivity in South Korea appeared relatively lower than those of other countries. There were differences in the location of construction competitiveness of each country analyzed by various measures. Therefore, to accurately diagnose and improve the construction competitiveness in South Korea, strategies based on various measures are need to established simultaneously.
Location   대한건축학회