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Title   강합성코어벽을 활용한 코너지지형 거푸집시스템 개발 / Development of Corner-Supported Auto Climbing Formwork System
Authors   홍건호(Hong, Geon-ho) ; 심우경(Shim, Woo-Kyung)
Organization   대한건축학회
Source   대한건축학회논문집 구조계, Vol.35 No.07(2019-07)
Page   Start Page(171) Total Page(8)
ISSN   1226-9107
Classification   구조  
Keywords   초고층건축물; 거푸집; 자동인양거푸집시스템; 최적설계//High-Rise Building; Concrete Form; Auto Climbing Formwork System; Optimum design
Abstract1   초고층건축물 코어선행공법 시공을 위한 ACS은 선시공된 콘크리트벽체에 앵커를 통해 거푸집을 지지하고 유압으로 자동인양 시키는 공법으로 시공속도 및 품질이 우수하지만 콘크리트 품질에 따라 안전성에 큰 영향을 받으며 해외기술의 사용으로 경제성이 떨어진다는 단점이 있다. 이 연구에서는 코너강판벽 공법개발과 연계하여 새로운 개념의 거푸집 개발을 위한 최적설계를 수행하였다. 거푸집시스템의 설계를 위해 기본모듈 및 구성부재를 계획하고, 부재의 단면 및 간격, 거푸집시스템의 가변적 스팬을 변수로 하여 구조해석프로그램을 이용한 최적설계를 하였다.
Abstract2   Auto Climbing Formwork System (ACS) for construction of high-rise building is a construction method for automatically lifting the formwork system supported by the anchor on the pre-constructed concrete wall. It has excellent construction speed and quality, but it has the possibility of structural failure depending on the quality of concrete and also has low economical efficiency due to the use of foreign technology. In order to overcome these problems, this study conducted an optimum design for the development of a new concept of Corner Supported Auto Climbing System (CS-ACS) in conjunction with the development of corner steel-reinforced concrete core wall system. For the design the formwork system, the basic module and structural member compositions were planned, and the structural analysis program was used to analyze the optimum member's cross section and spacing. As a result, the horizontal displacement and the stress of the horizontal members were influenced by the spacing more than the cross-section of the member. On the other hand, vertical members did not affect the displacement and stress of the formwork system. The form tie was very effective in controlling the displacement when adjusting the spacing of the horizontal members, but when the spacing of the form tie is more than 1,500mm, it is analyzed that form tie is yielding in basic module. When the span of the formwork system is more than 30m, it is analyzed that the basic module needs to be changed because of the increase of overall displacement.
Location   대한건축학회