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논문명   여성의 구술에 기반한 안동지역 종택의 부부생활 공간에 관한 연구 / A Study on Sexual Life Space of the Head Family Housing in Andong based on Women's Oral Life History
저자명   강미선(Kang, Miseon) ; 이예주(Lee, Ye-Ju)
발행사   대한건축학회
수록사항   대한건축학회논문집 계획계, Vol.34 No.12(2018-12)
페이지   시작페이지(123) 총페이지(12)
ISSN   1226-9093
주제분류   역사 
주제어   여성 ; 구술사 ; 가족생활 ; 부부생활 ; 종택//Women ; Oral Life History ; Family Life ; Sexual Life ; the Head Family Housing
요약2   The purpose of this study was to analyze the space of upper class housing in Andong through the oral life history of women in terms of sexual life. Even though the living was centered on women, the women of Joseon were alienated from the history. For this reason, the life history of head family housing was not recorded in the language of women, and often passed on orally. Also sexual life is a important part in daily life, but it is hard to be recorded or mentioned in Confucian society, and there is not much space research related to sexual life. Now there is not a lot of head family housing left, and the number of people who can tell the life history which is not recorded and the storyteller is also decreasing. From now on, I will record what I have experienced or passed through interviews of the residents living in head family housing and then analyze the characteristics of the sexual life.
소장처   대한건축학회