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논문명   보존과 복원 개념의 변증법적 해석 / 비올레-르-뒥, 존 러스킨, 카밀로 보이토의 이론을 중심으로 / Dialectical Interpretation regarding the Concept of Preservation and Restoration - With a focus on Eugene-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc, John Ruskin, and Camillo Boito -
저자명   김태형(Kim, Tae-Hyung) ; 김영재(Kim, Young-Jae)
발행사   대한건축학회
수록사항   대한건축학회논문집 계획계, Vol.34 No.12(2018-12)
페이지   시작페이지(135) 총페이지(10)
ISSN   1226-9093
주제분류   이론 
주제어   역사인식 ; 보전 ; 복원 ; 외젠-에마뉘엘 비올레-르-뒥 ; 존 러스킨 ; 카밀로 보이토//Historical Epistemology ; Conservation ; Restoration ; Eugene-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc ; Johm Ruskin ; Camillo Boito
요약2   This paper deals with preservation and restoration as a universal approach to conserve architectural heritage. The questions on how to preserve or restore them have been always major issues for many old buildings. Reading changes in ways of the thinking to solve such matters in the past helps to grasp the fundamental concepts to conserve cultural heritage at this point in time. The method is an important stage that leads to change our current attitude. Both the ways of the thinking for preservation and restoration should be re-interpreted to preserve memory or to restore identity depending on the current situation, and even should no longer be understood as two opposite options. Therefore, this paper focuses on the epistemological notion and reveals the origin and premise of modern historical perception that has become disconnected from the past works. By taking the writings of Eugene-Emmanuel Viollet le Duc, John Ruskin, and Camillo Boito into consideration, the thesis shows that their thought, in the common denominator of the time, is a kind of reflection of consciousness according to particular historical contexts and that their ideas echo three dialectical paradigms derived from past and present, memory and forgetfulness, and history and truth.
소장처   대한건축학회