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논문명   Analysis of Shared Life between the Elderly and the Young at Homeshare in Seoul based on Case Studies
저자명   (Kuee-Sook Suh)
수록사항   ARCHITECTURAL RESEARCH(대한건축학회 논문집), Vol.22 No.3(2020-09)
페이지   시작페이지(97) 총페이지(8)
ISSN   12296163
주제분류   계획 및 설계 
주제어   // homeshare; the elderly; the young; share life; interaction with generations
요약2   The Homeshare Program was promoted to solve the housing problems of the elderly and the young by the Seoul City in 2012. The elderly can provide spare rooms in their homes for the young at low rental fees, and the young can provide daily services to the elderly, cooperating with each other for better housing and life. The aim of this research is to find out how the participants use the shared space and what kinds of activities are shared in homeshare. This research uses case studies, which interviews 10 cases of homeshare in Seoul. The contents of the research are investigated shared spaces of the elderly, and analyzed contents of interaction lives in shared spaces. The elderly experience loneliness while living alone, and having someone to live with gives them comfort and a sense of security, and this is one motive for participating in homeshare. The elderly and the young share many equipment and shared activities and interactions in shared space. The homeshare program makes it possible for the elderly to aging in place and have interactive relationships with different generations. Therefore, homeshare may the formation of a new family, and new dwelling utilizing the elderly’s house.
소장처   대한건축학회