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논문명    / Effect of Plan Irregularity and Beam Discontinuity on Structural Performances of Buildings under Lateral Loadings
저자명   (Md. Rajibul Islam) ; (Sudipta Chakraborty) ; (Dookie Kim)
수록사항   ARCHITECTURAL RESEARCH(대한건축학회 논문집), Vol.24 No.2(2022-06)
페이지   시작페이지(53) 총페이지(9)
ISSN   12296163
주제분류   계획 및 설계 
주제어   // Lateral loads; Plan irregularity; L-shaped frame system; Beam discontinuity; Linear static analysis
요약2   Irregularities in the structure are crucial factors in screening structural vulnerability under extreme loadings. Numerical analyses were carried out considering wind and seismic loadings for four structures with discrete irregularity: continuous and discontinuous beams with varied story levels, and L-shaped irregular buildings. Structural responses such as maximum displacements, bending moments, axial forces, torsions, and story drifts are evaluated as per the criteria and limits defined by ACI 318. The outcomes indicate that the frame system with beam discontinuity on the upper half of the height exhibits the best structural performance. The results also indicate that the asymmetrical design of the L-shaped model makes it more susceptible to damage when subjected to strong lateral loading conditions.
소장처   대한건축학회