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Title   1950년대 말~1970년대 초 서울정착사업에 관한 연구 / The Settlement Project of Seoul in the late 1950s to Early 1970s
Authors   신나리(Shin, Na-Lee)
Organization   대한건축학회
Source   대한건축학회논문집, Vol.38 No.9(2022-09)
Page   Start Page(191) Total Page(10)
ISSN   2733-6247
Classification   이론 / 계획 및 설계 
Keywords   정착사업; 정착지; 서울 외곽; 도시형성기; 피난민; 이재민; 철거민; 이주민; 도시주거지 // settlement project; outskirts of Seoul; urban formation; refugees; victims; evicted residents; displaced people; urban dwelling
Abstract1   전후 복구가 일단락되어가던 1950년대 말부터 서울시의 도시구조의 틀이 잡혀가고 있던 1970년대 초까지 서울 도심에서는 옛 모습으로부터 탈피하여 새로운 도시공간으로 거듭나기 위한 정비사업들이 한창이었고, 외곽지역에서는 시역의 확장으로 새롭게 편입된 땅을 도시공간으로 탈바꿈시킨 다양한 주택보급 사업들이 진행되었다. 본 연구는 이 시기 시도된 주거정책 중 서울 도시공간 외곽 경계지점에 ‘정착지’를 조성시켜 서울시 외곽 도시공간 형성의 시발점이 되었다고 생각되어지는 ‘정착사업’의 전개과정을 살펴보고, 동시기 시행된 주거 정책과의 비교를 통해 정착사업이 갖는 의미를 도출해 내는 것을 목적으로 한다.
Abstract2   The purpose of this study is to examine the development process and derive the meaning of the settlement project through comparing it with the simultaneous housing policy, which is thought to have been the starting point for the formation of urban spaces in the outskirts of Seoul. At the end of the 1950s, when the restoration of the Korean War and free aid from aid organizations were ending, the Seoul Metropolitan Government attempted to carry out various housing policies. At that time, public housing construction was designated as Korea’s housing authority; apart from that, the settlement project began as a relief project by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs that continued to respond to changes over the years despite numerous failures. The settlement project was developed in the order of refugee settlement project, victim settlement project, evicted resident settlement project and displaced people settlement project according to the change in the project target by period. Settlements were also meaningful as urban dwellings in Seoul through a continuous policy settlement during the urban formation period, but spatially, they were located along the topography or at the boundary of newly incorporated land. The identification of settlement projects and settlements were also the starting point for grasping the process of Seoul’s modern expansion and actual urbanization
Location   대한건축학회