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   Click on the “REGISTER” button in the log-in window on the upper left side of the main page.


   Join our membership by following the “member join” process.

       Apply for membership-> Fill out the application form -> Agree on terms and conditions -> Join
Edit Profile

    After logging in, click on the “EDIT MEMBER IMFORMATION” button on the upper left side
         of the main page.

    After moving to the “edit member information page,” you can change your personal
         information and password.

Lost ID/Password

    Click on the “ID/PASS FIND” button on the upper left side of the main page.

    After moving to the ID/password page and filling out the required information, you can get your
         ID and password through the e-mail address that you provided to us during the membership
         joining process.



    After finding the detailed information you want through Power Search or Show the List, click on
         the “SCRAP” button.


    When you click on this button, the related information you have collected will be scrapped and
         you can find it under “MY PAGE > SCRAP.”

        (*The scrap system uses the overlapping prevention function.)

Power Search

     Power Search process:
     Enter the keyword -> results by service -> select the search result -> detailed information.

    On the main page, enter the keyword in the search window. After you click on the “INFO
         SEARCH” button, you can see the results of your keyword search sorted by the types of
         service that eANIA provides.

        (*Search range: If you select KOREA, JAPAN, or ALL at the bottom of the search window, you
          can search for each country’s or all countries’ research information.)


Documents Information

   You can search documents by keyword, documents list and category.


   For the keyword search, please use the detailed help information.

    If the results are not in the user’s own language, you can click on the translating button in the
         detailed research information section so that you can get an automatically translated result.

Event information Service

    The Event Information Service consists of an event calendar and event list. You can find out
         the detailed information for a specific event if you click on the event name on the list.

        (*If you use “Korea Event Information” or “Japan Event Information” tab on the upper side of
         the calendar, you can also access the event information service by country.)


Online Seminar

    The Online Seminar provides seminar information with both presentation data and video file.

        (*If you use the “Korea Online Seminar” or “Japan Online Seminar” tab on the upper side of
         the online seminar list, you can also access the online seminar service by country.)